Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Plum Gifts Petworth - Christmas Lights

Plum is a gift shop in the High Street in Petworth.


They stock a wide range of interesting gifty items. Their Christmas window was very tasteful in 2008, and they also showed some enterprise in getting a display of  some of their lines in the window of a currently empty shop window by the newsagents - thus doubling their window shopping display area at a stroke!

The photo doesn't really do them justice - my hand was shaking as I took it.  For a better idea have a look at their website. http://www.plumgifts.co.uk/

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Switching on the Christmas Lights

The big event in Petworth this week was the switching on of the Christmas lights in the Market Square. There had been lots of rumours going around the town about who the celebrity was who was going to switch the lights on. It had at one point going to be local resident John Sargent - who had agreed to do it long before he became a household name and national treasure. Some people had said it was going to be Michel Pierre White, others thought that some elves had been approached from the Pantomime in Chichester. On the day itself Ricky Gervais was spotted in town and word went round that he was the mystery celebrity. (He has mentioned Petworth in his blog, see Week 40, but doesn't confirm this story.) In the event, nobody could have predicted the actual surprise in store for the people of Petworth, none other than Julie Stardust wife of the actual Alvin Stardust. To get Scrooge from the pantomime at the same time was yet another coup. Speculation on who will be next year's celebrity will probably start as soon as the lights come down again in January. See the lights being put up in Petworth here.